JP Morgan Chase & Co. On-Campus Internship Experience (SDE)

My journey & experience of participating and winning Code for Good 2020 and getting selected as a Summer Intern at JPMC

Atharva Gulhane
3 min readFeb 3, 2021

JPMC visited our campus in Mid January 2020 (during 4th sem) for the role of Software Development Engineer(SDE). Unlike other companies, JPMC has a different process for hiring summer interns.

Initial Eligibility Criteria

  1. 70% and above in X and XII
  2. 7.0+ CGPA

🔹Round 1: Coding Round (Mid January) round

Around 250 people were shortlisted for the test and the test was conducted on HackeRank Portal.

So the test comprised of :

  1. 2 Coding Questions (Difficulty level: Easy to moderate)
  2. MCQs on CSE subjects and Output based Questions

So I felt the overall exam was of moderate difficulty.

90 people were shortlisted for the next round and I was one of them.

🔹Round 2: Pre-Recorded Video Interview (Early Feb)

This interview was taken on the HireVue platform. It consisted of two 2 Behavioural/Situational Questions. The questions appeared on screen and 30 sec were given to prepare for the answer. After the 30 sec were over we had to record our responses.

50 people including me were selected for the next round.

🔹Round 3: Code For Good Hackathon (postponed to August)

So the final round is the CFG Hackathon which is a national-level hackathon. Generally, CFG takes place offline in JPMC offices, but due to Covid pandemic situations, ours was held online. Around 550 students from various universities who had been shortlisted from their respective colleges were participating. We had some exciting sessions for 2 days before the hack and we were later allotted teams by the organizers.

📄 Problem Statement for the Hackathon

So the problem statements for the hackathon were given to us by different NGOs to solve the problems that they were facing. We had to give a preference order for the problem statements. According to the first-come-first-serve basis, we were allotted our problem statement. I received the problem statement by Sight and Life Organization and it was mainly focused on data visualization. (Link to Problem statement)

💻Our Pitch

🥇The Result

The hackathon lasted for 12 hours and we were guided by two mentors that were overseeing our work for the whole duration of the hack. My mentors also took a short interview of me during the hack.

Our team came 1st for the given problem statement and we received iPad 8th Gen as the prize🥇.

A few weeks later, I received a mail that I have offered a summer internship at JPMC for 2 months 😃.

The whole journey throught the recruitment process was great experience for me. I got to know a lot of new people through CFG ,made new friends, and learnt a lot of things along the way. CFG was my first hackathon and winning it was awesome 😉. I hope to win more hacks in the future and I am thankful to JPMC for providing me this opportunity👌.



Atharva Gulhane

Software Engineer @JPMorgan Chase & Co. || Former Samsung PRISM Research Intern || Web Developer || CSE VIT’22